2015 Results

What a great day! A fantastic turnout for the annual event which included all ages of county standard players, to local league players battling it out to be in the history books.

We had some new names gain the honours this year which shows how diverse Berkshire County results can be with so many players at the top level.

How the tournament played out can be seen below.

Men’s Singles:

MS Grp 1 MS Grp 2 MS Grp 3 MS Grp 4 MS Final

David Jonesd MS W. Akis Thomas MS RU

David Jones – Akis Thomas

Women’s Singles

WS Grp 1 WS Final

Lucy Dong WS W Vikki Primmer WS RU

Lucy Dong – Vikkie Primmer

Men’s Doubles

MD Grp 1 MD Grp 2 MD Grp 3 MD Grp 4 MD Final

David Jones, Alistair Jones, MD W Gareth Davis, Akis Thomas, MD RU

David Jones, Alistair Jones – Gareth Davis, Akis Thomas

Women’s Doubles

WD Grp 1 WD Final

Vikki Primmer, Lucy Dong WD W Suzy Mugford, Julia Eatwell, WD RU

Vikkie Primmer, Lucy Dong – Suzy Mugford, Julia Eatwell

Mixed Doubles

XD Grp 1 XD Grp 2


XD Final


Vikki Primmer, Jacky Tham, XD W James Cooper, Lucy Dong, XD RU


Vikkie Primmer, Jacky Tham – James Cooper, Lucy Dong