2015-16 County Team

I take great pride in publishing the selection committee’s results for the 2015-2016 senior county championship team.

This year’s championship will be held in a different format to that we are all used to (Details on this site). We hope that reducing the amount of weekends, and not clashing with any junior matches will have nothing but a positive effect and encourage more commitment from team members.

The selected teams are as follows


Berkshire 1st Team



Scott Ellis

David Jones

Jacky Tham

Gareth Davis (Elected Men’s Captain)

Akis Thomas



Lucy Dong

Vikki Primmer (Elected Ladies Captain)

Abigail Holden

Suzy Mugford


Berkshire 2nd Team


Tim Sharpe (Elected Men’s Captain)

James Cooper

Andrew Norman

Paul Nichols

Adam Weston (Singles)



Julia Eatwell

Claire Pickett

Diane Doyle (Elected Ladies Captain)

Rachel Richards

Allison Dalrymple


1st Reserves:


Michael Duncan (Singles)

Kirk Lim

Ben Hudson

Chris Hudson

Tim Beech

Julian Barron

Tom Collings

Zune Aiang Teo

Steve Cummins



Rebecca Holt

Alex Elliott

Rachel Cholerton

Yangmin Xue

Congratulations to you all